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GBS Architectural on September 15, 2020

GBS is a boutique architectural practise based in London offering a breadth services across the residential sector. With over 10 years of experience in offering our residential architectural design services across South West London and adjacent areas we have the track record that proves we, our projects, and our clients punch above their weight. Below is a brief overview of the main areas we are involved with but please do get in contact to discuss your project as we would love to be involved.

Residential Extensions and Alterations

As the saying goes Improve-Don’t-Move and with the adoption of permitted development rights, the recent permanent addition of the larger home’s extension scheme and the standard planning process that saying is as important and relevant as ever.

Whether it be a rear extension, a full wrap around, a loft extension, a first-floor extension, internal alterations or even a basement, GBS is perfectly positioned to assist you in unlocking the potential of your home and project.

We believe we bring a unique experience to the table that allows us to maximise our clients brief whilst adding a creative flair that will make our clients project truly their own whilst also keeping an eye on that all important budget.


With the ever-shifting dynamic within the family home or just having a garden big enough it may be a better idea to separate that project from the home itself, this is where an outbuilding comes into its element.

Whether it is a home-office, a gym, a playroom, or an entertainment space the options are literally endless, there no need to pigeonhole the use of an outbuilding they can be as flexible as they need to be.

Again, permitted development rights exist for outbuildings, and whilst these offer a fantastic entry into that world there also remains the option of planning permission for those looking to squeeze of a bit of extra space. GBS has experience in this area and we pride ourselves on not offering a ‘cookie-cutter’ design service, as with all projects regardless of size or need our design is bespoke to that client’s brief.

New Build Developments

The ever-growing need for housing means there is always the possibility to develop and re-purpose existing sites with a view to maximising their potential. Whether this is a single new build or multi-unit developments, for sell on or live in, we at GBS have the knowledge and experience take our clients from project inception through to completion.

These projects are inherently more complicated and require a more robust design and planning process to ensure that any potential stumbling block is addressed before it causes an issue. Having been involved in multiple developments across London we understand the importance of working with all parties.

These projects require multiple inputs from other professionals within the built environment, our position as Chartered Architectural Technologists (MCIAT) puts us in the perfect position to collaborate and manage if required.

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